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Deconstructing PRISM: The uses and extent of PRISM and its implications

0001324343452As Edward Snowden tries to escape the long reach of US justice, the full extent of the PRISM program and its intended purpose seems to have become lost in a barrage of US propaganda. The US government and their PR agencies are currently doing whatever it takes to persuade popular opinion that PRISM is for legitimate counterterrorism purposes, vital to US security. While the US government continues to pull no punches in both silencing and prosecuting Snowden, the full scope of the PRISM program has become lost. The very notion that PRISM is a counterterrorist program, and has no alternative, more ominous purpose is a well-constructed deception. Read the rest of this entry »


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Terrorism Redefined: The Ambiguous use of the Term Terrorism, in Context of the Boston Bombings.

The definition of the term terrorism in the post 9/11 years has become a debated issue, with the U.S setting the standards over how terrorism should be defined and fought. Ever since George Bush declared “war on terrorism” a fictional entity which is not confined by geographical borders, or confined to any particular religious, political or ethnic motivation the use of the term terrorism, how it’s defined and who falls into the category has intensively been debated. Actually throughout the majority of modern history the definition of the term terrorism has become a focus point of heated political and academic discourse.

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