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China Daily in South Africa

The China in Africa Podcast recently did a broadcast on South Africa’s concerns of Chinese media in Africa, or more specifically the China Daily starting a print addition in South Africa.

What I find interest is how they describe China Daily as propaganda and most of this “concern” seems to be attributed to China Daily being this mouth piece of Chinese state propaganda. Don’t get me wrong China Daily is technically state propaganda, although it is more independent than the party controlled Peoples Daily and not as conservative as the Global Times. Nonetheless, we seem to have this perception, especially when it comes to foreign state media, that somehow Western government do not conduct the same propaganda activities and privately owned media cannot operate as state propaganda. Read the rest of this entry »

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RFA and the Snowden Revolutions

Ever since The Guardian and The Washington Post broke the news about PRISM on June 6, the US government have conducted a propaganda campaign to both discredit Snowden and convince public opinion of PRISM’s good intentions. Snowden first fleeing to China’s Special Administrative Region Hong Kong, placed China uniquely on the frontline of the US-Snowden espionage scandal. Radio Free Asia (RFA) the US mouth piece in China, North Korea and the Golden Triangle has attempted to persuade Asian opinion, over PRISM’s innocence.
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