Stratfor Email Shows Method of Drug Trafficking in China.

24 Aug

Yesterday Wikileaks released Liberia another instalment of the The Global Intelligence Files, of emails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. One of the emails China – Nigeria and Liberians moving gear in Beijing from Chris Farnham, Stratfor’s Regional Director for Australasia and Southeast Asia highlights the methods of drug smuggling in China. According to the email the trade is mainly conducted by Nigerians and Liberians and comes through Yunnan and Xinjiang. He also notes that much of the cocaine is cut with glass. For all those that regularly follow the Chinese news will know the Chinese state has recently been trying to crack down on the drug trade and recently jailed a Nigerian man after finding 91.75 grams of cocaine, 3.7 grams of methamphetamine and 1.76 grams of heroin in his Shanghai residence.

Was having a meal of street food tonight and bumped in to a Nigerian ‘business man’ that I’ve known for a while now through friends. We ate together and noticed that the drug dealing was at levels and openness that neither of us had seen before. I had always been interested why the Nigerians cornered this trade here (from what I am aware it’s mostly very low quality cocaine and hashish/marijuana. The cocaine has apparently been mixed with ground up glass, butane and god knows whatever else. My friends that play around with this shit always end up with nose bleeds and sometimes get colds and flus from it. The hash comes mostly from Yunnan in the south where it grows wild or it comes through Xinjiang from the Turkic minorities).

Source tells me that it is mostly Nigerians with some Liberians as well moving shit in Beijing. They come here to do it because they feel it is safer than in places like the US, Europe, Australia, etc. Apparently if they only sell to foreigners the police really don’t care but if they sell to Chinese people they’re going to be tracked down and hit pretty hard. From what I could tell from the source’s comments these guys also hustle each other, there’s no kind of nationalistic/racial esprit de corps/solidarity between these guys.

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Posted by on August 24, 2013 in China


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