Cuba loses Cohiba trademark in the US

09 Jul

US courts fond of stringently protecting US trademarks have ironically ruled that General Cigar Co. Inc. may continue to use the trademark name for their cigars Cohiba in the United States, named after the Cuban brand.

The federal commissions ruling, is the most recent ruling in an ongoing legal battle which has gone on between General Cigar and Cuba’s national company Cubatabaco.

General cigars a Virginia based company, and a subsidiary of Swedish Match AB, the Commission indicated that Trial and Trademark Appeals rejected the request was canceled Cubatabaco that the use of the name by the U.S. firm.

The court’s ruling insures that Cubatabaco cannot sell their cigars in the United States, and cannot litigate in that country for the Cohiba trademark.

General Cigar’s claims it has sold its provenance Dominican Cohiba cigars in the United States since the early 1980s. It received its first registration of that mark in the US in 1981.

Clearly trademark laws in the US only apply to private companies and results in just another notch in the US sixty years attack on the tiny island nation.


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