Indian Reporter conducts live TV report from the shoulders of a recently rescued flood victim

25 Jun

indianfloodreportReporting from the frontline of the recent Indian floods, Indian television reporter for News Express Narayan Pargaien chose not to get his feet wet.

Perfectly understandable, all hardened reporters when mucking it out in a disaster zone wants to avoid getting soaking wet themselves.

However, Mr Pargarien has found himself at the centre of controversy when it emerged he had conducted his “live” report on the shoulders of a victim of the floods, who had only just been rescued.

Mr Pargarien, with 17 years of experience, defended his actions, which could be perceived by some as exploitation, said the man was happy to carry him and even when as far as to blame the cameraman for shooting the clip from a wide angle and then uploading it onto the internet. However, who could blame Mr Pargarien for “exploitation” he even paid him 50 rupees, about 85 cents.

“It wasn’t my idea to begin with, but there was this man who took me to his home and asked me to report the damage he had suffered,” Mr Pargaien, told Newslaundry an Indian website.

He continued adding “We helped him with some food and some money and he was grateful to us and wanted to show me some respect, as it was the first time someone of my level had visited his house. So while crossing the river he offered to help by carrying me on his shoulder.”

“I don’t think they are all fair. On the one hand what I did was journalistically wrong, but how it’s being portrayed now on Youtube and Facebook, like a joke, doesn’t feel like it’s fair,” he said.

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