Lies Lies Lies, the CIA always Lies

15 Jun

Hong Kong Protests

For the past few days there has been a rumour floating around that whistleblower Edward Snowden, is actually a double agent working for the Chinese security services.The rumour first came to public attention by former CIA agent Robert Baer, when he told CNN that Snowden “looks like his under some sort of Chinese control.” Like most political pundits, called upon by the US media to discuss US foreign policy, Baer is connected the security establishment, makes money from his analyses and therefore is not to be trusted to give an honest and accurate security analyses. Just like Fox News political pundit, good old Iran-Contra Oliver North, Robert Baer is not to be trusted, or at least no more than Lord Haw-Haw.
Nonetheless, despite the clear and obvious attempt at deflecting attention, stirring nationalism and twisting it yet again to place blame on China, it seems to be having its intended affect. Appearing on Fox News, my all-time favourite Asia-Pacific political pundit “Gordon Chang,” sarcasm intended, continued to build upon Edward Snowden’s rumour.

“But apparently he does have too much information for him just acting on his own, for less than three months so we have to assume that he has been working with other people that’s the only logical explanation for all that we know now.” Said Gordon Chang

Never passing down an opportunity to attack the Chinese government, the Falun Gong news channel NTD’s Chris Chappell also discussed the rumour in his regular propaganda segment.

So how much truth is there in the accusations? Well much speculation has been caused due to Snowdens choice of Hong Kong, personally I see nothing strange about this. In reality Snowden had very little option, only having the choice between China, Iran, Russia, or a few socialist states in Latin America. I assume Snowden chose Hong Kong due to its tradition of free speech, while also not looking like a double agent, which he is now being accused of being. Nonetheless, despite Snowdens reasons for choosing Hong Kong, these accusation do nothing more than deflect both public and media attention from the original story, and currently seem to be having the desired effect.

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