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Geopolitical Wrangling’s: Strengthening the U.S Pivot Via North Korea

North Korean Missile Parade

In recent months the crisis on the Korean peninsula has deteriorated, spiraling out of control into in to what seems like an ever increasing threat of all-out war. Neither side wishes to back down interlocking into a dangerous geopolitical game of threats and provocation. However, as the crisis deepens ever deeper, behind the war-like rhetoric, is a sign of a strategic objective, on behalf of Washington aimed at escalate tension. While Western media reports on the warlike threats of Pyongyang, they seem to bypass the obvious, that Washington is using the Korean crisis to strengthen regional hegemony and further contain China.

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The Boston Bombings, Islamophobia and Contempt for all Religions

In wake of the recent Boston Bombings, Americans have once again returned to asking the question of why it happened. Instead of addressing the root causes of fundamentalism, like normal much of the American main stream media and right wing independent media have returned to pointing the finger at Islam. With the investigation still in its early stages and with far too many unanswered questions, it’s irresponsible to point the figure at Islam, which only helps to add fuel to growing Islamophobia in the West.

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